The idea

A little dick… Whenever I try a pen, the first thing I can think of to draw is a small stylized penis with 4 hairs on the scrotum, sometimes with hatching that simulates pee. That’s it-or is it?


A “phallocentric” society
Small, big, black, big, circumcised…. I always thought there was something profoundly wrong with having an advantage just by being born with a penis.

I grew up with the stereotypical image of the *alpha male, an individual who demonstrates power and courage, impassive in the face of adversity. A being who does not have to show weakness and no, crying is not allowed just as it is not allowed for the “woman” to pay for 

“Respect the cock and tame the cunt”

cit. Frank T.J. Mackey

A mantra and a way of life for many, a condemnation for others. A set of socially regressive traits designed to foster domination, devaluation of women, homophobia and senseless violence. A toxic masculinity linked to the concept of strength in enduring life and adversity as a true macho man.
That’s why I decided to create Carlo Pisellonio, to take away the importance given to the penis by society and turn it into a sympathetic, funny symbol.
In the end it is just a dick, it has no value except what we want to attribute to it.

Who is Carlo?

Carlo Pisellonio was born from the combination of two names: 

the first, very hilarious to me, is Charles Dickens a kind of star of the Victorian era. The intention was to give that Italian (not made in Italy) brand feel by mimicking the more emblazoned fashion brands like Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana etc. etc. so the name was translated and would be like, Carlo Cazzi, Carlo Diamine or Carlo Pisellabile.

And this is where Monty Python comes to the rescue. 

In the movie “Brian of Nazareth” Caesar names his friend Biggus Dickus (in Italiano Marco Pisellonio) in one of the funniest scenes in movie history for me.

From here comes Carlo Pisellonio: 

High-fashion artist who doesn’t like to have his face filmed, who loves Italian trash TV and listens to trap but doesn’t like it.

* Ethological studies have shown that in the wild there is no Alpha individual that meets these characteristics, researchers have found that the main characteristic of an Alpha specimen is altruism, they are used to settle fights and keep the peace of the group, whether male or female